Dating college athletes

During the season, dates will be holding an ice pack on his ankle while he studies the new plays that coach gave them at practice.

Mood Swings The mood swings are probably the worst part.

Although there are moments of bliss and a lot of moments with muscles, there are more moments of difficulties.

The struggles of dating a college athlete extend further than a lot of people know.

You will sacrifice hanging out with your girlfriends to uplift their spirits after coach took away their starting position.

You will sacrifice studying time to support them at their competition.

If you want to go see the movie that just came out last week you’ll hear him say, “I have practice.” If your parents are coming into town for the night and want to meet him you’ll hear him say, “I have practice.” If you want to go get ice cream after practice then coach will magically schedule practice after practice so you’ll hear him say, “I have practice.” Practice, practice, practice.

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They will flirt with your man in front of your face and they will slide into his DMs faster than Niagara Falls.

And this goes for ALL college athletes, because groupies do not care if he plays.

Half of them don’t even know the rules of the sport (hence calling a basket a touchdown).

Depending on how he did at practice or performed at the game will dictate what mood he’s in when he sees you later.

If he did great then he’ll be in a great mood and ready to celebrate with some champagne and maybe a private body party.

Between all of that day in and day out, it can start to feel like there’s just not enough time for you. You just have to memorize his schedule and see where there are gaps in both of your schedules to hang out.

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