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The goal is not for you to become the same; it's to identify where there are gaps so you can plug the hole.If both of you lack knowledge or interest in a certain area, you can get outside help.This notion that you could get married and not know about each other's finances is one we think needs to be exploded. Credit As you point out in the book, marriage historically has been more about money than love. I mean, if love developed a couple hundred years ago, great, nice side benefit, but that wasn't what the institution entailed.And as the institution evolved to become more romantically driven, I don't think our vocabulary and social openness to including the economic piece evolved with it.Credit As opposed to the whack-a-mole approach where you deal with your finances piecemeal, whenever one pops up. Manisha Thakor: Oftentimes they don't give correct financial advice. I cannot tell you, in my previous life as a portfolio manager, how many times clients came in with the most cockamamie ideas they had heard on the golf course.

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The financial landscape has grown geometrically more complex over the last 30 years.I mean, 40 percent of women are now the breadwinners, either by desire or default, in their household, whereas 20 years ago it would have been the man.That's not the case anymore; it's both sides, and it really is couple specific.I think this is a wonderful way to kind of formalize that process.It can be as simple as finding an hourly fee-based financial planner that you would pay by the hour at rates similar to a psychologist, and running through a list of your prospective household financial statements. Credit So what's so wrong about just asking your friends for advice?The recession was a blessing there in that it basically snapped two primary lines of credit that people were using to live that way: easy access to home equity loans and easy access to credit cards.

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