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Why waste my time indicating an interest and not follow through? The thread below might help you. Postpage2You have absolutely nothing to lose (do you? Don't set your heart on stuff that hasn't happened yet. If I receive a message from a woman I didn't send a message to first or someone "wants to meet me" I don't even bother with it anymore.

Even if you have a date scheduled, IT HASNT HAPPENED YET - so it's silly to get all strung up about a bunch of non-events. Every single one I have ever received was a spam account trying to get me to join a sex cam website.

I know it's controversial to say, but, I don't believe that to be the case.

People are biased to believe with greater age, everyone's going to be more seasoned in life & wiser, etc. I've ran into men/women who are 45 who mine as well be 23 as far as how naive & bright they are in life," which is true... First of all, the ‘like him/he not me’ and vise versa is part of life for all of us. Second, which I think is very important in all of this, is online dating today moves VERY quickly.

If this is a clear & consistent pattern -- and my intent is not to be rude, but just blunt -- your view on what you 'deserve' to attraction is most likely off. Therefore, I think you're wanting the Ken side more than you think you should get. LOLBetter Choice - Listen to me fellas, and read my threads. It takes too much to be thorough, although for women it might be different; men pursue, women put the billboard up and wait for responses.

If there were many more gals than guys on here, I would say it's not necessarily on your tastes & what you expect -- you're just outnumbered. You might have some luck being a bit more proactive. But people can be rejected due to many different possible reasons.

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I just started back on this site a couple of months ago. But here's the really confusing thing - when I do have a mutual meet me match I message the guy and either nothing happens or it fizzles quickly. Since then, it's been a lot of disappointment, rejection and false starts. I think your write up s pretty good/better than most but your pics... It's not set-up for you to do an in-depth analysis of compatibility - it's just a silly "Do You Think I'm Hot" distraction.

I also wouldn't put that much stock into the meet me feature.

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Most guys here are just looking for quick hook ups I'm not saying you should give up...instead reset your level of expectationsand besides, OLD should always be considered a supplement to IRL meetings. I'm sure you'd have much better luck finding someone IRLOP, please don't take stuff that happens online too seriously: meet me, "hey or hello" typed first messages. Some guys just copy and paste messages to a large number of profiles, hoping to get a reply. Some men completely ignore these type of photos because they think that the woman is hiding something. I know many women here that do not contact the man first. ", and goes on one or more dates with you to find out. You yourself have changed in the same way, whether you realize it or not.

Some might click meet me hoping someone will notice and send them messages. A lot of men and women on here are looking for ego boost. You may want to try to get some help in the Profile Review section. That's why you are "confused" as you are: you are being very picky, and forgot that everyone else is probably doing the same thing.

I'm willing to bet that most men are in the same boat as me and have been trained not to respond anymore. If someone is really interested they could very easily just click on your profile and send a message.

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