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"But then again, that’s also part of the appeal – the thrill of a possible and quick – window on to the illicit, the sexual, the creepy and gross lives of anonymous strangers." Chatroulette founder Ternovskiy, who lives with his parents in Moscow, Russia, acknowledged his site has been used in inappropriate ways.In an email to the New York Times, he wrote "Although some people are using the site in not very nice ways – I am really against it." Unenforceable?While Chatroulette's new feature for reporting inappropriate usage is good in theory, it is not clear what the process is for removing users who engage in objectionable activity, or what can be done to prevent them from returning.Lenhart questions whether or not an automated solution is possible.• The thrill of the unknown is addictive and excessive, sustained involvement is always looming.On the other hand, with Chatroulette, there is actually an opportunity for social networking that can serve to unite youth from diversified cultures, geography, and status.

Similarly, sometimes audio is unavailable and conversation is through text. A young woman in high school recently told me the site was "scarring." Imagine your child getting a glimpse of pedophiles masturbating or enticing young people with conversation. Often young people are displaying themselves and doing dangerous stunts with their body.

The teen creator of Chatroulette, a video chat site that recently has taken the Internet by storm, has implemented a new safety feature designed to shield youngsters from other users' inappropriate behaviors. Chatroulette users can now click on a "Report inappropriate video" link to notify the site's creator, 17-year old Andrey Ternovskiy from Moscow, Russia, of objectionable content.

An update posted on the site on Monday reads: "I have also been experimenting with new report system.

The vote is out, but as adults we must be aware of the threat and make sure our children are safe guarded against it.

Do you know who your child is talking to on their computer? The reality is older adolescents and young adults will have access to these sites.

Safe Eyes was selected by the Australian government as part of its nationwide Internet safety initiative, and is free to all Australian families.

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