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Her subsequently messy foray back into the dating scene — with the help of her brother, the wonderfully cynical Tommy Dewey — are cringe-worthy in a frustratingly relatable way.When you get right down to it, we pretty much watch TV for one reason: to keep us company.They killed Kenny on every episode for the show’s first five seasons, but seriously, can anything kill South Park?For nearly 20 years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s crudely animated, crudely everythinged cartoon has lampooned the macro (organized religion) and micro (shit, both the word and the fecal matter itself) in American society (which may be the key way it supersedes the show it owes so much to, The Simpsons, which has always remained content to spoof the small stuff). Occasionally there are TV shows you think back on like the one that got away, so reliable and sophisticated and funny were they … Emma Stone Michelle Williams Sofia Vergara Lea Michele after the Players Ball.click on the title of any post, it is a link to a separate page that shows all the comments. Anyway, at the second screening a guy got up and said he was dizzy and staggered out.Samantha When: The show ran for two seasons, from 2007 to 2009; for various reasons, ratings plummeted after a strong premiere.

A pre–Parks & Rec Adam Scott stars as Henry Pollard, a barely-was actor in L. who returns to event catering after his showbiz career goes nowhere.The greatest sitcom spinoff of all time, which happened to win more Emmys than its predecessor (see: Cheers) and co-holds the record (for now, with Modern Family) for the most consecutive Outstanding Comedy Series Emmys at five. When the cult-favorite “putting the fun in dysfunctional” comedy was cancelled after three seasons on ABC, it sent fans into a crazed frenzy, even prompting us at Vulture to strongly bemoan the decision. It’s Always Sunny is often called “Seinfeld on crack,” and like that seminal sitcom, Sunny offers its fans a fount of one-liners and in-jokes that now stand as its own vernacular. K.’s stand-up material and his discomfiting offstage persona.Seriously, what about Frasier was not just perfect? Following a group of six best friends as they navigate their intertwining lives in Chicago, Happy Endings took a tired formula and turned it into something distinctly its own. Watch the entire episode where Lucy and Ethel go to work on a candy assembly line, not just the smidgen of it that Julia Roberts watches in Pretty Woman, and know that that episode is actually called “Job Switching.” Be able to say “Vitameatavegamin girl” ten times fast and get the reference you’re making. Amy Poehler’s post-SNL comedic vehicle, about do-gooder Leslie Knope and her quest to better the tiny town of Pawnee, Indiana, may be the quintessential network sitcom of this decade: a low-key but often hilarious observational comedy about the family we make out of our friends and co-workers.Sports Night, you “got” me — and I don’t even watch Sports Center! Nowadays, my eyes glaze over as I watch other Aaron Sorkin shows (ahem, Never-not-funny Amy Sedaris plays Jerri Blank, “a boozer, a user, and a loser” who returns to high school decades after becoming a teen runaway. The pilgrims had snowy white skin to match their pure Christian souls.The show purports to poke fun at pre-millennium after-school specials, all the while getting away with some of the most un-p.c. They didn’t sacrifice coconuts to their monkey gods.”)Even with a cast led by such comedy-riffing ninjas as Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll, and Paul Scheer, did anyone think a low-stakes FX sitcom about Windy City dudebros and their fantasy football league could last an amazing seven seasons?That’s why we’ve sorted through the many, many options to present you with our picks for the best TV shows on Hulu.

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