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From what I have read and heard I believe this is certainly a valid way for a single person to try to meet someone.Be aware that there is no perfect site – and anyone can play fraud at any time.The years went by and still no man came into her life. Over the course of the next several years of her life God blessed her and her husband with seven beautiful children! You ask if I believe that there are any good and holy Catholic men out there. Some have come from great families and have led pure and holy lives.Some have come into conversions in their teens, twenties or later and now lead inspiring holy and pure lives. Often it is the love a good woman that will bring them to that point – but in all cases, it is God’s grace that leads them home! I believe that God has a perfect plan for each of our lives. No matter how gloomy the situation may appear – God is always watching over us.I know that the wait can be long and hard, but remain open through it all for whatever God has in store for you.Trust that if you are praying and honestly seeking to do God’s will, He will be faithful in meeting your heart’s desire.

Another woman that I know of had also discerned a call to marriage when she was younger. Finally, at forty, she married the man of her dreams.It can be disappointing to think you’ve found someone with whom you connect and discover that he or she isn’t serious.Or perhaps there is an intellectual connection, but when you finally arrange meeting there is no “chemistry” there. But like all virtues, trust in God is strengthened when it is tested.And until the time that He sends someone into your life, be sure that you keep your heart focused on His love. Joseph is a powerful saint, who faithfully intercedes for our intentions.Whether you are married or single, Jesus has to be your number one. We remember all our readers in our prayers each day.At the time, they were the most popular/successful Catholic singles sites out there, and we are both immensely grateful for both of them. Or maybe you have friends or family who have told you stories of their experiences.

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