Canada post tracking info not updating

You can also translate your messaging line by line if the default text doesn't fit your branding.

For example, the first line of the order status page which reads "Thank you, John", could be translated to "Thanks, John!

Shopify will create a second order status block with the tracking number and content on the order status page.

We support partial fulfillments, even if they were made through different shipping carriers.

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To make sure your email templates include the If you see a Revert to default button on the Order confirmation or Shipping confirmation template pages, follow the steps above.To access the page, your customer needs two credentials: You have the same control over the language used on your order status page that you do over the rest of your Shopify store.If you've translated your entire theme language, then your order status page will already be in your chosen language.However, you should still update your email templates and continue to add tracking numbers to your order fulfillments so that your customers receive an .On the order status page, orders made through unsupported carriers still display a tracking number that links to the shipping carrier's website where your customers can get more information about the status of their order.To enable the order updates opt-in: If you notice anything unusual, there could be a conflict between custom code from a third-party app. You can find their information by searching for the app's name in the Shopify App Store.

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