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Continue Reading Courtesy of associate Carl Neff is a summary of a decision from the U. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in a case styled: In re Troll Communications, LLC , 385 B. The court held that the failure of one of the arbitrators to disclose a prior affiliation with one of the parties was … This Bankruptcy Court in Delaware is often called upon to apply Delaware corporate law and frequently applies it in the context … Travelers Insurance Company, 95 Delaware County (PA) Reports 145 (2008), read opinion here, the Delaware County (PA) Court of Common Pleas discusses the high standard in Pennsylvania that must be met for overturning a binding arbitration decision. The assessments were performed from 2000 to 2006 by gh SMART, a firm that specializes in assessing top management candidates.We find that abilities are generally positively correlated. District Court for the Southern District of New York applied Delaware law to dismiss a derivative suit in this case based on the failure to establish that pre-suit demand was excused. Del., Bankr., April 9, 2008), read opinion here, the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware decided an issue of great importance to those who follow corporate governance issues related to the fiduciary duties of officers and directors. This suggests that team-related attributes may be overweighted in CEO hiring decisions. My colleagues and I recently published our thoughts on issues to be considered by boards of directors in deciding whether, and how, to implement provisions addressing the “clawback” of executive compensation.

Thanks to Delaware lawyer David Finger for bringing this decision to my attention. This is an opinion that should be read by anyone who wants to, or needs to, keep up to date on electronic discovery (EDD) pitfalls (read: all business litigators). Heller, the United States Supreme Court issued an opinion today interpreting the Second Amendment of the U. Constitution to disallow a law in the District of Columbia that prohibited the purchase and possession of handguns. Courtesy of famed Chicago bankruptcy lawyer Steve Jakubowski, this decision by the Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, Second Division, read opinion here, determined that Delaware law would recognize the concept of piercing the corporate veil in the context of an LLC. Continue Reading In re Morgan Stanley Derivative Litigation, No. The abilities can be organized along two important dimensions: (1) general talent and (2) team player and interpersonal talents versus fast, aggressive, and persistent behavior.We then relate abilities to hiring, investment decisions, and outcomes.Success is also related to general talent, particularly for LBOs.

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