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Backbeard is a subspecies of Monoeye that possesses powerful eye abilities.Their abilities allow them to hypnotize anyone who looks into their eye, blind others with their glittering eye, or even shoot laser beams from their eye.

Despite this, their carnivorous nature and fearsome visage has led to their receiving a less-than-eager attitude from humans in general. One of The Eight Brothers is also dating an arachne girl.Though they often make dark and satirical comments on society, they are not careful with their word choices and don't generally understand what they are saying. Like all Slimes, they were considered simple-natured beasts until recently, and have no known developed culture of their own.Bullywugs are a pseudohuman species that possess frog-like attributes such as flippers and long, prehensile tongues.Just raw hardcore sex with black bros and white hoes.Teen interracial sex and interracial mature porn are in high demand and we deliver.Forming mobile tribal societies that value power through strength, Bullywugs are thought to be fiercely territorial and will aggressively attack any outsiders that approach.

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