Being too accommodating


If that is something you take for granted (and we often do take our own expertise for granted), it can seem to just give them the answer or do it for them.But by solving someone’s problem for them, you prevent a learning experience, and they’ll keep coming back to you for similar requests.This is great if you are being paid to do this specifically by a client; not so much if you are doing favors, helping coworkers with their workload, stepping into a team members’ role, or otherwise overextending yourself.

Scarborough fared slightly better when the discussion moved to Iraq; he briefly focused on Trump’s continued (and unproven) claims about opposing the war before it began.But when you ask for advice and then don’t take it, what message does that send? Including everyone on every decision wastes others’ time and can cause your company to miss out on opportunities. After facing hostile questions from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Wednesday night—they comprehensively laid out his flip-flops, presented him with damning videotape, and asked him to explain the inconsistencies in detail—Trump was confronted by hostile audience members at MSNBC’s televised town-hall forum.They did so by managing to get the biggest ratings draw in the race to appear with his favorite hosts.(Trump often appears on .) It’s true that there have been moments when Trump and Scarborough have gotten tense with each other, but it has always been papered over, presumably because it’s in both of their interests.Which means that rather than witnessing the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s time in the political spotlight, we may not even be at the end of the beginning.

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