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Ludwig says such parental wariness is not unusual, given blacks' dimmer view of the state of U. "The experience of living as a black person and as a white person in this country is quite different, despite substantial progress since the 1960s." Ludwig and Yancey both agree that interdating is unlikely to increase significantly over the coming decade.

"It's not increasing as fast as some people might be thinking," says Yancey, who says that U. trends overall are trailing media depictions of the phenomenon.

Since interracial dating (or "interdating") and interracial marriage were outlawed or ostracized for so long in U. history, many sociologists see the incidence of these relationships as a key indicator of the state of U. "Many people who are honestly accepting of equal treatment across a wide range of social interaction would finally draw the line when it came to [a romantic relationship] between the race groups," says Smith. "We are seeing declining levels of objection to interracial marriage," says Smith.

Neither the Roper Report nor the General Social Survey specifically queried respondents on their attitudes or practices concerning interracial dating.

The youth league for the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s official opposition, has released a series of posters showing inter-racial couples and the tag-line, “In OUR future, you wouldn’t look twice.” According to Statistics South Africa, the 2011 population estimates indicate that the post-apartheid nation is 79.5% African, 9% White and 9% Coloured or mixed ancestry. This is the voice we should be encouraging to speak, that we should be giving a platform, that we should be reassuring that it is ok to not want to confine yourself to a socially constructed box, that it is ok because there are many of us who don’t fit neatly in those boxes either, many of us right here in the [Democratic Alliance].

That is who we need to be getting to believe in OUR vision for [South Africa] The campaign has not been without its critics – understandably, you have the conservatives who do not share the message's sensibilities towards inter-racial marriage (from both sides of the racial spectrum), church groups that are offended by the sexiness of the posters, and those who object to the fact that the dominant (male) figure is white and the subservient (female) is African.

Grace University in Omaha, an Evangelical Bible school with strong Anabaptist roots, has been criticized for a perceived preponderance of Bob Jones graduates in its staffing.

For instance, 72 percent of teens surveyed thought people dated people of other races because they cared about the other person, while less than 20 percent thought their peers interdated as a rebellion against parents or as an attempt to "be cool." Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of white students who had not dated interracially said they would consider dating someone who was not white, while 58 percent of black students would consider dating a nonblack.

But the Gallup survey also found that teens thought some interracial couples—always involving a black partner—faced potentially greater friction from their respective racial and ethnic groups about their relationships.

Last December (2011), despite decades of civil rights movements and legislation against racial discrimination, the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church in Kentucky voted 9 to 6 to bar interracial couples from becoming members or being used in worship services.

After a week of bad press, the church did reverse itself, but the damage was done.

For example, while no more than 11 percent of the teens surveyed thought a white-and-Hispanic or white-and-Asian couple would be ostracized by their respective racial or ethnic groups, about one-quarter of those surveyed said that a white and a black student dating each other would face problems from other white or black students in school.

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