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It’s an analysis of the efficient market hypothesis and how it relates to the idea of low-hanging fruit.It’s a self-conscious defense of the author’s own arrogance. If the world was created by the Invisible Hand, who is good, how did it come to contain so much that is evil?Consider a freshman biology student reading her textbook who suddenly feels like she’s had a deep insight into the structure of DNA, easily worthy of a Nobel. For all of them to miss a brilliant insight sitting in freshman biology would be the same failure as everybody missing a on the floor of Grand Central, or all of Wall Street missing an easy opportunity to make money off of Google, or every entrepreneur missing a great market opportunity for a Thai restaurant.

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The city has lots of skilled Thai chefs and good access to low-priced Thai ingredients.The market economy is very good at what it does, which is something like “exploit money-making opportunities” or “pick low-hanging fruit in the domain of money-making”.If you see a bill lying on the sidewalk, today is your lucky day.I go to the register and they ask me “how you going to pay.” I said with food stamps. “Oh, we’re shut down, you can’t pay with food stamps.” I got kids to feed. And because the government’s down I can’t feed my family? The Electronic Benefits Transfer system responsible for providing 50,000,000 Americans the means to put food on the table has crashed.

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